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Bluestem Center for Autism was founded with a mission to provide high-quality care to all individuals and families.


We promote the acceptance of neurodiversity by providing supportive, naturalistic services,

building authentic, family-centered relationships,

and engaging with our community.

Bluestem Center for Autism specializes in mental health services and Applied Behavior Analysis therapy for children and adolescence with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related diagnoses. 

Bluestem Center for Autism provides center-based therapy that addresses the specific needs of our clients, and caregiver training via home sessions and telehealth appointments. 


Rochester, MN

Located right on the Zumbro River, this tucked-away location services about 25 children. We work with area Speech and OT providers, so this is a one-stop shop for parents to get their child quality services for multiple needs. 

Byron, MN

This former Zumbro Education District building allows for about 65 children to receive services. Our Byron location also serves community members looking for additional support to practice skills such as attending a doctor or dentist appointment or getting a hair cut in our simulation rooms.

Faribault, MN

Our Faribault location is the newest addition to our ever-growing family of practices. We are located in the heart of Faribault, right across from Heritage Park, in a small business park. This location can serve about 8 clients at a time, and is currently accepting new clients!

FArgo, ND

Opening February 2023!


Bluestem is a prairie grass, native to the Great Plains.

Why name the clinic after a grass? Flowers may be colorful and trees may be majestic, but bluestem represents what it means to be mentally healthy. While the tall grass of the prairie may not be the showiest of plants, it is a nourishing plant.

Bluestem is community. When you look at a prairie, you’re more likely to notice the sea of waving grass than an individual plant. People are like that, too. We exist in relation with each other. 

Bluestem is flexible. It bends with the wind. It is resilient, and it grows anew every spring. Like many prairie species, if you burn it down, it grows back healthier. Despite setbacks that people face, we believe they are capable of coming back even stronger. 


We aim to represent the values of our namesake — community, flexibility, resilience, and the ability to nurture — with all of our clients. 

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Our Journey... So Far



We opened our doors in October 2021, and quickly grew from a 2-person team to a full team of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts, Registered Behavior Technicians, and professionals in the field of behavior analysis.



In April 2022, we announced the exciting next step in our journey to serve our community! Bluestem Center for Autism will be expanding in Byron, launching a 16 classroom program by the end of 2022.

Child Counseling
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